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Quinn's Dad
Steve 29
Works in tech
Has developed 3 apps
Recently split with his girlfriend
Loves BBW porn
Quinn's Dad 50
Recently divorced
Has 2 cats
Trolls online forums
Cuck porn connoisseur
Helen 23
Art Major
Social justice warrior
Sells bracelets online
Loves scissor videos
Phillip 18
Majoring in gender studies
Just recently grew pubes
6'7" but can't drink
Faps to interracial videos


Nutter is a free way to save all your favorite videos 😉 into one page with one simple click. After you install the Chrome extension, simply click the Nutter icon next to any video on any of your favorite sites to save it to your Nutter account. From there, enjoy pausing and playing your favorite videos in Nutter. It’s that easy. We hope you have fun!

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